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The mystery of the Owl Mountains - following the Nazis

  • DURATION: 5 days.
  • GETTING TO THE DESTINATIONS: self drive, transfers with a private driver, car rental.

    Dziękujemy! Twoja wiadomość została wysłana!
    Przepraszamy, wiadomość nie mogła zostać wysłana. Popraw błędy i spróbuj ponownie.

    The Owl Mountains are a small range in the Central Sudety. Due to their beauty, they are a treat for hiking enthusiasts, but above all they hide many unsolved mysteries dating back to the World War II.
    The showpiece of the region are the underground towns of the Riese Complex, i.e. Osówka, Walim - Rzeczka, Włodarz and the undergrounds of Książ Castle. The purpose of the complex of underground towns built by the Nazis has not been explained to this day. One theory is that the Reise complex was supposed to be Hitler's headquarters and was certainly the most expensive, yet unfinished construction project during the Third Reich.

    Day 1: Arrival to Wrocław (Breslau). A private driver will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to your chosen hotel.

    Day 2: After breakfast it's time to discover Wrocław. It’s up to you whether you want to explore the capital of Lower Silesia on your own, or use the services of our guide and a private driver.  Start your sightseeing from the medieval Market Square, one of the oldest in Europe.  ​Visiting Wrocław, you cannot miss the National Museum which houses the Racławice Panorama - a painting by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak depicting the Battle of Racławice. The work fascinates with its size – it’s 15 metres high and 114 metres long.  Worth seeing is also the Wrocław Zoo, with its Africarium – the oceanarium which holds as much as 15 million litres of water. Interestingly, it is the only facility of its kind in the world, due to the concentration of flora and fauna exclusively from Africa.  It’s time to leave Wrocław and head to our main destination. The Owl-Mountains-adventure starts with accommodation at the Książ Castle itself! To fully experience the mysticism of the place you are visiting, you will go on a night tour of the chambers and cellars of the castle by lamplight only. The guided tour lasts 90 minutes, during which you will learn more about the history and the dark story of the castle.

    Day 3: The next day you will explore the Riese project. You will visit underground adits, corridors, halls and military quarters hollowed out on the slopes of the Owl Mountains - starting with the undergrounds of the Książ Castle. The next destination is Wolfsberg, i.e. Włodarz - the biggest object of the Riese project. After entering the underground we will find ourselves in the cinema room, where a projection with facts related to the construction of the complex will be presented. Next, we will take a ten-person boat trip to the depths of Włodarz, as 1/8 of the corridor system is flooded. The expedition ends in the largest room of the complex, the guardroom, where exhibits remaining after the local works have been stored.
    The Owl Mountains used to be a region rich in coal deposits and with many mines. Therefore, the next destination will be Nowa Ruda, where there is an underground tourist route in the closed "Piast" mine. Apart from many exhibits and monuments remaining after the mining activity, such as furnaces or shaft towers, the attractions will include a ride in a 19th century mining train. After the mine tour we will return to the Książ Castle, where a medieval dinner and another night within the walls of the courtyard will be waiting for us.

    Day 4: Being in the Sudety Mountains, it is worth getting to know the charms of the rock city, therefore from the Owl Mountains we will go to the Table Mountains, where we will wander through the local nature reserve. Our destination will be Błędne Skały, a rock labyrinth full of corridors, deep crevices, chambers and passages between picturesque rock blocks. A special tourist route will take us through this unique creation of the nature. After the trip, we’ll take you back to Wrocław for the last night at the hotel.

    Day 5: A private transfer to the airport and departure from Wrocław back home.